Lose-weight Jause

Location:Grinzinger Bräu
Address:Cobenzlgasse 3 / Himmelstraße 4, 1190 Wien
Status:Closed (last checked on 3 January 2020)
Eaten:Brettljause, mixed salad, one beer (Hausmarke)

Three slices of Speck, three slices of ham. Unusually, there are also three pieces of cheese, one of which even has taste. Still, it almost takes longer to type this than to finish this micro-Brettljause. Even worse, the whole thing feels unbalanced: it includes quite a lot of butter but only two tiny slices of bread; the mustard, too, is useless considering the small amount of meat. At the end of the day the mixed salad has not only saved me from starvation but improved the experience considerably. It’s really quite good, and I might return just to eat it again, with some other dish.

What the restaurant’s web site describes as a “romantic garden” is about one meter wide and is located along a busy road, separated from it via a fence. There is more space close to the entrance, but unfortunately it was terrorized by the rather awful musicians annoying the tourists. Fortunately they could not reach my table, but I had to suffer both their playing and the noise of the passing cars. In addition, I was sitting too far to catch the attention of a friendly but overstressed waitress, who took ages to bring the food, forgot the second beer I ordered, and had to be chased to accept the bill. I have not lost the hope that sitting indoors and trying a different dish may turn out more enjoyable, but Brettljause-wise it was a near disaster.




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