A Do-It-Right Jause

Location:Heuriger Schneider-Gössl
Address:Firmiangasse 9-11, 1130 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 8 October 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, small mixed salad, two glasses of Gelber Muskateller, one glass of “generic” Heuriger wine

“Let’s serve a Brettljause,” the owner said. “OK,” the cook replied. “But let’s make an expensive Brettljause, like 11 Euro or more,” the owner said. “By adding caviar?” the cook asked. “No, that would be too expensive,” the owner said. “Let’s offer a free shot of schnapps instead.” “OK,” the cook said. “Yeah, but we don’t have to actually serve the schnapps,” said the owner. “By the time the clients realize it’s missing, they’ll be too pissed on our rather fine wine to complain.” “I understand,” the cook said. “But how to we make a Brettljause that still looks good at 11-plus Euro?” “Well, cut thickly, add a lot of stuff and make sure the horseradish is strong,” answered the owner.

So the cook made a Brettljause. It had salami, Speck, Geselchtes, non-disgusting blood sausage, two types of Schweinsbraten, some cheese, Liptauer spread and, for some unexplainable reason, Soletti. It was seasoned with a Pfefferoni with the inedible end cut off (a wonder by itself), some cucumbers and one-fourth of an egg. The meats were cut 50% thicker than usual, adding tremendously to the experience, and the horseradish was seriously strong.

But there was no promised schnapps, and I ended up paying 40 Euro (with a generous tip).

All in all, recommended, as far as Vienna-based Brettljausen go.




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