A Jause With a View

Location:Buschenschank Hajszan am Nussberg
Address:Eichelhofweg, A-1190 Wien
Eaten:Brettljause, two glasses of Gemischter Satz Weissleiten

Not to be confused with its big brother Weingut Hajszan Neumann, this small hut has one of the best locations, boasting a great view of Kahlenberg, Leopoldsberg and the entire Vienna. While the wines it serves are identical to those in the Weingut (apart from the expensive third-party bottles absent here), there is no menu at all, and the only dish it serves, a home-made bread not counting, is the Brettljause.

The Brettljause is made before your eyes, and thus you have full control of what you want on it. You can ask for it to be more or less cheesy, choose the spread (Liptauer, Kürbiskern or both) and select the meats you want. The basic Jause is not exactly cheap at 10 Euro with the bread, but is worth it.

Mine contained a thick slice of a surprisingly tasty blood sausage, some Speck, Schweinsbraten, salami and ham, as well as a spread, horseradish and three types of cheese. There was not much in terms of decoration, with one big yellow pickled something instead of cucumbers and Pfefferoni, and mustard from a small tube. All the ingredients were very non-industrial, and the quality of the meats was certainly better than average. The cheeses, unfortunately, were of a rather tasteless sort, but at least they were cut thickly and looked differently.

This Buschenschank may not be home of the greatest Brettljause in Austria, but it is a great place to stop at while walking from Kahlenberg to Nussdorf. Bring a good book, don’t expect too much, drink at least two glasses of wine and you’ll leave happy and will return soon.

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