A South Tyrolean Not-Quite-a-Jause

Location:Kapitelschenke - Restaurant Finsterwirt
Address:Domgasse 3, 39042 Brixen, Südtirol, Italy
Status:Open (last checked on 7 July 2015)
Eaten:"Südtiroler Marende," a beer (Forst), ¼ of wine (Lagrein), an espresso, Meraner Würstel

This one is hard to classify. It does not come on a piece of wood but on a normal plate, so technically speaking it’s not a Brettljause. Basically it’s a case of a relatively expensive restaurant using its very nice garden in summer to serve simple local food with an extra twist (a bit like Hajszan in Vienna). The “twist” here is the variety and quality: I wouldn’t even try naming the four or five types of Speck and ham – all quite excellent – included in this creation. The cheese (a rather thick piece) had some taste, the tomato salad was quite good too, and the two slices of toast were exceptional in a fat and spicy way, but the amounts were simply insufficient. The lack of “extras” apart from a pickled cucumber was also disappointing, as was the fancy but uninspiring bread (the hard flat Schüttelbrot was a real threat to the teeth but frankly not much use for the Jause). The worst of all was the price: 15 Euro for this Jause is just a joke, similar to the 10 Euro local Frankfurter (Meraner Würstel) that I’ve ordered afterwards, still hungry after the small Marende.

Basically unless you are rich and not very hungry, you should look for a Brettljause elsewhere.

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