A Torture-Jause

Location:Wiener Hütte
Address:Wienergraben 307, 2391 Kaltenleutgeben
Status:Open (last checked on 26 June 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Budweiser), small mixed salad, small Espresso

OK, it was not completely torturous. I finished it, and occasionally even found the eating enjoyable (though it’s the salad that is mostly to thank for those rare moments). The thing is, there are some Brettljause ingredients that I rather dislike. These include liver in any form, blood sausage, jelly and a few other, rarer to find bits. Fortunately, as a rule, the good edible parts overweigh the bad ones, so usually I finish the blood sausages first and then bite into the Speck, Schweinsbraten and other “proper” stuff.

The Wiener Hütte’s Brettljause, on the other hand, looked designed to annoy me. It threatened me with three thick slices of Blutwurst, three thick slices of grayish something identified in the menu as liver sausage, and an enormous slice of jelly. The only encouraging bit was a big slice of cold Schweinsbraten, because the two rolled slices of cheese and three thin slices of Speck looked more like a decoration (by the way, the cheese was tasteless and the Speck contained tiny pieces of cartilage that I absolutely hate).

Needless to say, I left the Schweinsbraten for the end, and concentrated on the rest in the order of decreasing disgustfulness: liver, blood, jelly. None of them proved inedible: the liver sausage’s taste had only a hint of liver, the blood sausage did not taste of blood, and the jelly contained enough meat inside to successfully outbalance the jelly. Unfortunately, none of them were fresh, and even more unfortunately, the Schweinsbraten turned out to be not great either: too old, fat and for some reason wet. There was hardly anything else on the plate, just some boring horseradish, mustard and a sad salad leaf. The bread had to be ordered extra, but even considering that, pricewise the Brettljause was cheaper than average.

Wiener Hütte is a popular and very busy place, which may be suffering from insufficient number of waiters. Seeing the two guys running past your table every half a minute is not a very relaxing experience. Still, the restaurant quite possibly has some good dishes. Sadly, the Brettljause is not one of them.




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