A Windmill Jause Deluxe

Location:Weingut Windmühlheuriger Helmut u. Petra Bergmann
Address:Kalvarienberg 1, 2070 Retz
Status:Open (last checked on 7 October 2015)
Eaten:“Gustoteller,” mixed salad, two and a half glasses of Chardonnay

One and a half month after tasting the Windmühlheuriger’s Brettljause (sorry, Windmühljause), I am back to try its slightly more expensive relative, the Gustoteller.

What we have here is a Jause of a very limited variety: it contains only Prosciutto, some “cellar bacon” (Kellerspeck), “mountain cheese” (Bergkäse) and a salty and peppery sausage unimaginatively called Hauswurst. All this comes with some horseradish and a picked yellowish something, which under a closer examination resembles a melon.

One may argue whether there is place for Prosciutto in a good Austrian Brettljause, but one must admit that its strong taste went really well with the excellent sweetish wine. The Speck was thickly cut, and though not terribly tasty, it was far from being terrible either. The Hauswurst was easily above the average “house sausages” out there and had more than compensated for the rather bland cheese.

The plate itself was not especially filling, and taking a small mixed salad (that turned out to be a rather large mixed salad) was a good idea. The salad had a good dressing and made the whole experience feel much healthier than it probably was.

It’s hard to recommend this Gustoteller over the standard Brfettljause, but if you are visiting the Windmühle with a friend, it makes a lot of sense to order both of them and two salads for the best possible experience.

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