Mediocrity with a View

Location:Gasthof Alpenblick
Address:Kollmitzberg 3, A-3321 Ardagger
Status:Open (last checked on 9 October 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Kaiser)

It is known that in marketing the three most important considerations are location, location and location. While it’s not especially evident that the owners of Alpenblick care much about marketing, the location of their restaurant is hard to beat. On a clear day, like today, one can see half of Austria from the terrace – from Schneeberg and Oetscher in the east to the mountains of Salzkammergut in the west. If they also had a half-decent Brettljause, this place would be a winner.

Unfortunately their Brettljause is less than half decent. To start with, it had no cheese. It also lacked mustard, eggs or any other “accessories” except rather unexceptional horseradish, salty cucumber and tomato slices. While the Schweinsbraten and one other type of sausage had a fresh taste, the Speck, the “Wiener” and one other meat tasted very supermarkety. The mustard was replaced by the Liptauer spread, which is a poor substitute in general.

While quantity-wise this Brettljause is absolutely acceptable (despite the fact that I had another, much better one less than three hours later), I can only recommend this restaurant because of the wonderful view.

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