Schweinsbraten Lunch at a Chicken Place

Location:Waldschenke Fam. Staar
Address:Hainbuch 1, 3001 Mauerbach
Status:Open (last checked on 9 October 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, cucumber/garlic salad, some grilled chicken liver, three beers (Schremser)

At 11 Euro (without a salad or bread but with a small Schnapps), this is definitely one of the most expensive Brettljausen (Brettljauses?) around, and it does not disappoint – though mostly not because of the dish itself but because of the superb location, friendly service, cozy garden, nice weather (well, it’s not the restaurant’s merit, of course, but it’s very stupid to go there if the weather is not nice), and the other things one can eat. It is THE place to eat grilled chicken, but the Brettl is not bad either.

Variety-wise it’s nothing special: there is a thick slice of Blutwurst, some Speck, some ham, some creamy Heurigen-type spiced spread and lots of cold Schweinsbraten. By lots I mean really lots – well-cooked and in thick slices; it’s almost a dish by itself. Everything has a non-industrial taste; even the mustard seems to be self-made or at least not bought from a supermarket nearby (there are no supermarkets nearby). The horseradish was unfortunately rather tasteless, but the two slices of cheese present as a sort of decoration had some taste, which was very surprising and encouraging.

I would have absolutely no problem going there and eating the Brettljause again. Maybe I’d even make sure that I am very hungry in order to take a chicken or a lamb Stelze in addition.

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