A Jause at the Foot of Dachstein

Location:Alpengasthaus Pension Edelbrunn
Address:Schildlehen 53, 8972 Ramsau am Dachstein
Status:Open (last checked on 11 May 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, one beer (Schladminger), three ¼ liter glasses of Most

Located at the foot of the Dachstein massif, Edelbrunn is the starting point for most of the sane people willing to climb the mountain. Still, the ascent is said to be a rather difficult one, so the Brettljause at Edelbrunn is supposed to restore the strength of the successful climbers or to discourage idiots like me from even attempting the climb.

Size-wise, especially when combined with enough beer and/or Most, the Brettljause is sufficient to remove any desire for physical activity. Thickly cut Bauchspeck, Schweinsbraten, some weird mixed sausage with gray pepper and a Wiener-type sausage are sufficient to demolish any sporty initiative. They are combined with thick slices of tasteless holey cheese, thinly cut Schinkenspeck, some liver spread (very liver-y, so best avoided or eaten extremely quickly) and, best of all, a brilliant Schmalz spread, which has made a difference between 6 and 7 points for me.

The disappointing side, apart from the cheese, included the bread (a Semmel and a sad slice of some dark bread) and a totally uninspiring “decoration” consisting of boring mustard, horseradish, Pfefferoni and tomato. The Schmalz aside, there was something rather industrial inherent in this Brettljause, which went into a dissonance with the otherwise nearly perfect location.




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