A Jause of All Things Disliked

Address:Esslinger Hauptstraße 80, 1220 Wien
Eaten:Brettljause, two mugs of Most

Despite the recommendations of various intelligent and health-conscious people, I always start a Brettljause with the things I dislike, leaving the best bits till the end. In the case of the Maurerhof’s Brettljause, the bits left were rather tiny bits indeed.

Liver spread, blood sausage, pork jelly, even a Liptauer spread – all these things should either be exceptionally good or should not be there at all. At Maurerhof they were average in a supermarket-y way – not disgusting (the jelly was the most acceptable of all thanks to the high meat-to-jelly ratio) but instantly forgettable. The other ingredients were unfortunately devoid of any inspiration as well. The cheese was tasteless, the horseradish ineffective and the remaining couple of types of meat very similar and quite industrial.

The second problem was the one of balance. With so many spreads and so much mustard, one would expect much more bread than a single, though very fresh slice.

On a positive side, Maurerhof has friendly service, a nice quiet garden and is within the borders of Vienna. Unfortunately, it does not offer anything different from a Brettljause, and their Brettjause is average even in Viennese terms.

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