A Transparent Jause

Address:Am Anninger 2, 2531 Gaaden
Status:Open (last checked on 25 May 2015)
Eaten:„Bauernjause“, one beer

Anningerhaus is a self-service hut, so one has the pleasure of watching one’s Brettljause being made. It’s an uncomplicated process, taking about two minutes (for a professional), and one can clearly see how the meats looked like before they ended up on the plate. The Extrawurst, for example, looked exactly like the Extrawurst sold at supermarkets. Not that this was unexpected in a forest hut far from any sort of agricultural activity.

To be fair, at least one type of meat – a sort of well-pressed meat dumpling with a hint of liver in the taste – was cut from a huge piece that did not look too industrial. The Speck, too, did not look or taste like something straight out of plastic. This cannot unfortunately be said about the salami, cheese, Extrawurst or Geselchtes (if that was Geselchtes). The other big omissions were the mustard and the horseradish, barely compensated by a free shot of Schnapps.

Honestly, I did not expect anything better, and would have certainly not been surprised by something worse. As it stands, the Brettljause at the Anningerhaus is quite competent and depending on the weather and the hike before, rather enjoyable.

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