Urig is Good for You

Location:Mostheuriger Fam. Binder, Zur Steinernen Birne
Address:St. Johann 155, 3352 St. Peter / Au
Status:Open (last checked on 30 April 2017)
Eaten:“Urige Jause”, 4 mugs of Most (Amadeus, Speckbirne, Dorschbirne and some other), a special house Tequilla

My last visit to the Steinerne Birne was promising, but somewhat marred by the poor choice of the Jause. This time, I played safe and was rewarded by one of the best Brettljausen this side of Dachstein. It’s good. It’s really really good.

The “urige” brings you four slices of thickly cut meats, some cold spare ribs and a quarter of a meat dumpling. There is no liver, no jelly, no blood sausage or any other annoying things. The single slice of cheese is there for decoration purposes only, telling you “I am tasteless, so you are not missing anything”. The meats are superb, though, the best being the cold Schweinsbraten and the unidentifiable thing with the texture of Schweinsbraten and a salty “Specky” taste. The full onion – white and green parts included – adds to the “urigness”, while two impossible to describe spreads (one looked like a mashed carrot) provide a great replacement for the usual industrial mustard.

A couple of thick slices of smelly cheeses, and we would have an unbelievable feat for the Lower Austria. Even like this, it’s a must to try. Especially with the house Tequilla served with a piece of Speck on a toothpick. And a local cat falling asleep on your knees while you are eating.




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