A Taste of Voralberg

Address:Obere Augartenstraße 46, 1020 Wien
Status:Closed (last checked on 21 April 2018)
Eaten:„Gemischter znÜnarTeller“, a mug of Mohrenbräu Zwickl, a bottle of Gambrinus Dunkel

Ü tries to serve authentic Voralberg dishes, and their Brettljause is positively different from those I tasted in and around Vienna. Best of all, it includes thickly cut Bregenzerwälder Bergkäse, which is wonderfully tasty, especially with the special grayish mustard. Then, there is plenty of butter – a simple ingredient sadly missing in a large number of Brettljausen – and it is a quality butter, too. The Speck, the pork ham, the deer ham, and the deer salami are all very authentic, although the salami’s slightly unusual taste takes some getting used to. There is some soft (though unfortunately not very tasty) cheese, too, as well as a whole half of an egg.

On a negative side, the Brettljause is not very big and quite overpriced. This would not have been a problem had the restaurant been located in some picturesque area, but being squeezed between two quite busy roads, Ü does not offer much in terms of comfort and relaxation. It is a nice idea with tasty and different food, but, mainly because of its location, Ü-Lokal needs a few beers in advance to appreciate completely.

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