The Best View over Vienna

Location:Buschenschank Claudia und Rudi Stippert
Address:Schrammelgasse 102, 1170 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 21 April 2015)
Eaten:„Hauerplatte“, ¼ Cuvee Pino, ¼ Bergwien, 1/8 Rösler

Dear Ms. and Mr. Stippert,

I recognize you own a Heuriger with the best view over Vienna (although obviously tourists do not know that; otherwise they would be queuing up outside). You also own a house I would readily kill a few people for (don’t worry, not you – just a few really bad people you do not know). But please – would it be too much to ask to remove the skin from the Blunzen next time? I am sure it is not a big deal, but having to remove it myself does not add anything. It really does not.

Oh, and while I am on it, how about adding a bit more cheese? Yes, I have seen that slice, and yes, it has some taste (not much though), but how about two slices? Or three? And cut them from different cheeses, if you can, please. And sorry to be an asshole, but a bit of horseradish would have been welcome, too. After all, you do serve it with some other dishes, don’t you? I have even found a tiny bit of it on my table. I could not really appreciate the taste.

And how about some pickled cucumber? You can find it in some much worse Brettljausen, you know. I am not mentioning the egg, of course. Now, that would really be too much to ask… Would it? But Speck? A bit of good old Speck?.. Oh, forget it.

But I did appreciate the crunchy crust of your Schweinsbraten and Geselchtes, thank you very much. And whatever the third meat was – it looked a bit like thinly sliced Leberkäse – the seasoning was absolutely great. More of that next time, please.

Oh, and it was a great evening, by the way. I’ll be back soon.

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Buschenschank Claudia und Rudi Stippert

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Buschenschank Claudia und Rudi Stippert 48.228876, 16.286267 visited on September 7, 2014Schrammelgasse 102, 1170 Vienna, Austria (Directions)



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