A Copy/Paste Jause

Location:Gasthof Waldbichl
Address:Aschler Weg 11, 39010 Vöran, Italy
Status:Open (last checked on 21 October 2015)
Eaten:“Tonis Almbrettl,” 2 beers (Forst), a mixed salad

I really don’t understand South Tyroleans. On the one hand, they have plenty of good sausages and quite a few cheese types, which, while not especially good, are at least interesting. I am sure about that, because I see (at taste) them all at the breakfast buffet at my hotel. On the other hand, when asked to prepare a Brettljause (okay, a Marende), they switch their brains off. 95% of their Marenden look like a copy/paste job from some 13th century’s cookbook. Moreover, their lack of imagination pushes my own imagination to its limits, as trying to find subtle differences in their Speck-Kaminwurzen-Cheese combinations is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fine, I’ll try. There are two types of cheese this time, both quite tasteless, but one sporting some black peppers. Both maintain hard crusts, pointing at either some extreme laziness of the cook, or some perverted interpretation of authenticity. The Kaminwurzen is replaced by some much softer sausage (my tired teeth say “thank you”), and the Speck has not one but two inedible skins, the second one consisting of very hard and extremely tasteless meat. I don’t know how they make the Speck in the South Tyrol, but they manage to have it become salty on the inside, while the outside is very tough and bland.

An uninspiring Brettljause aside, Waldbichl is quite a pleasant farm-like place, with the surroundings worth looking at, unless they would be covered in a dense fog, like in my case today. There are quite a few other restaurants serving Marenden in the close vicinity, so it is hard to recommend Waldbichl on the strength of their Marende alone.

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Gasthof Waldbichl

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Gasthof Waldbichl 46.613626, 11.254310 visited on October 18, 2015Aschler-Weg, 11, 39010 Vöran, Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol, Italy (Directions)



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