A Farm Feeling

Location:Mostschank Familie Luif
Address:Am Kalvarienberg 4, 7423 Pinkafeld
Status:Open (last checked on 3 January 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, three mugs of Most

This is one of the hardcore places, but also one of the better ones. Mostschank Luif is located on a hill above the town of Pinkafeld in Southern Burgenland and is probably the only reason for visiting this pointless town. Basically it is a farm with numerous chickens, cats and dogs walking freely around and for some reason not eating each other; there are also cows, rabbits and at least one horse. In summer, one can eat at the wooden tables outside, real Heuriger-style; in winter, everything is served in a big but simple room with a fireplace on the ground floor of the owners’ house. When I came (right after the opening hour on a Saturday), the only customers were locals, including a woman with an overweight daughter and an old man on a respiratory support system. After a while, the owners’ family gathered at a nearby table and had lunch, talking in their incomprehensible dialect. All that was very natural; I appreciated that no one was overly friendly or obtrusive and simply left me to my Most and Kindle.

Their Brettljause is amazing in value-for-money terms, providing a lot of quality stuff for laughingly few Euros. There are four types of spread: a liver one, which I did not particular enjoy, a Grammelschmalz, a really good Verhackertes, and something white without any particular taste. While cheeseless, the Jause was very varied on the meat front, including at least two types of tasty ham (most likely Geselchtes and Surbraten), Schweinsbraten (slightly plain, in my opinion), some Blutwurst, a bit of hard sausage and even some pork jelly. With eggs, onion, horseradish, picked cucumbers, peppers and a Pfefferoni, there was nothing to complain about; the lack of mustard was more than compensated by the spreads.

For those looking for an authentic farm Brettljause and not allergic to cats, Luif is a highly recommended destination. One can easily believe that their ingredients come from their own production, and the Most, although smelling slightly of cows, is surprisingly strong.




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