A Marende on Nussberg

Location:Mayer am Nussberg
Address:Kahlenberger Straße vis-à-vis 210, 1190 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 16 May 2015)
Eaten:„Jausebrettl“, ¼ Riesling

Mayer am Nussberg is a summer wine-drinking location half way down the Kahlenberg and is a little brother of the highly touristic Mayer am Pfarrplatz Heuriger (exactly what the nearby Wieninger am Nussberg is to Wieninger). On a nice warm day, it is a good place to relax over a glass of wine and enjoy a great view of Vienna, especially if you are lucky and there are not too many people around.

Its Jausebrettl is, ingredient-wise, almost indistinguishable from South Tyrolean Marende. Its three parts – Bauernsalami, Wurzelspeck and Bergkäse – would not look out of place on Brettljause’s Italian cousin. The main difference is that instead of three different types of bread Mayer serves its Jause with four slices of surprisingly fresh, but exactly the same bread. All three ingredients are quite enjoyable and tasty, though it would not have hurt to cut the meats thicker. It also would not have hurt to serve fifty percent more meat, as even with careful rationing the whole dish is gone within minutes. On a positive side, the special sweet and spicy mustard that comes with it (Wacholdersenf) is hundred times better that the industrial mustard served almost everywhere else, and goes especially well with the strong cheese.

Mayer’s Jausebrettl is more an expensive snack for a lazy walker and cannot compete with the heavy Jausen of Mostviertel or Styria, but combined with the pleasant and easily accessible location, it is by no way a disappointing thing to try, as long as you are not very hungry.




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