A No-complaint Jause

Location:Buschenschank Kögl
Address:59, 8461 Ratsch an der Weinstrasse
Status:Open (last checked on 8 November 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, 1/8 Muskateller, 1/8 Sauvignon Blanc, ¼ mineral water

Kögl seems to be a very popular place. They certainly produce some very good wine, the fact I had an opportunity to verify at my hotel, but their Buschenschank, too, was nearly full by 12 p.m., resulting in me sharing the table with a nice Austrian couple, who gave me the address of another very good-looking Buschenschank that I should visit one day.

Demand-related delays aside, Kögl’s Brettljause was a competently constructed creation. Once the liver sausage spread got conquered (you really can’t avoid it in South Styria), the rest was highly enjoyable, the salty Geselchtes being the best of the bunch, followed by some tasty salami and fatty Verhackertes. The Schweinsbraten (or the “Brüstl,” how they call it here) were quite plain compared to the rest, but all in all, the Brettljause left nothing to complain about. It was nothing particularly fancy, yet nothing too industrial. Combined with an absolutely perfect non-November-like weather, it was just fine.




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