The Arse of Dachstein

Location:Alpengasthof Hütteneckalm
Address:Rehkogl 36, 4822 Bad Goisern
Status:Open (last checked on 4 June 2015)
Eaten:"Brettl Jaus’n", small salad, one beer (Zipfer), two ½ Most

I am fully aware that mountains do not really have “front sides” and “back sides.” However, having stayed in Ramsau am Dachstein so many times, I am also used to thinking of the Dachstein’s Styrian side – the one facing the Schladminger Tauern – as the “face.” Well, in that case what I saw today was quite clearly its arse. And a very good-looking arse it was.

Actually, it is the merits of that arse that make me recommend Hütteneckalm as a Brettljause place, because the Brettljause itself is very average. While well presented and quite varied, it seems to be built entirely out of ingredients purchased at a nearby supermarket (which, considering the hut’s location is not very near). The two types of Speck – a fat pinky one and an even fatter black-crusted one, – the Wiener-like sausage, the Geselchtes, the tasteless cheese, and – the most original part – the highly paprika-ized spicy sausage were all quite good on their own (the cheese excluded), but not exceptional in any way that would make me question their origin. Plus, the “side dishes” – horseradish, some paprika, a small slice of a tomato, a smaller slice of an egg, a Pfefferoni, a picked cucumber and four radish slices – appeared to mostly serve a “decoration” role. The butter was a complete joke, served as a tiny 10-gram portion, hardly sufficient to cover one-tenth of one of the three less-than-fresh breads.

Hütteneckalm is a very nice place with a well-designed website, and staying in one of its huts must be a very enjoyable experience (providing they bring you there with a taxi, since walking from Bad Goisern is quite painful), but it is hard to recommend it for anything else except the view on the highly attractive arse of the Dachstein.

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