The Jause of Last Resort

Location:Schladminger Hütte
Address:Planaistrasse 35, 8970 Schladming
Status:Open (last checked on 24 September 2015)
Eaten:“Jausenbrettl,” two beers (Schladminger)

If yesterday was a day of unexpected snows, today was the day of somewhat predictably closed mountain huts. None of the three huts in the Untertal area close to Schladming where I was hiking were open, so I had to make a quick decision to jump on a bus, go back to Schladming and take a cable car to the top of the Planai mountain, hoping that such an obvious tourist place would have a Brettljause for me. I was right, even though finding thick fog and half a meter of fresh snow on the top of the Planai made me question my intuition for a minute.

Perhaps thanks to my initially low expectations, the Jausenplatte turned out to be quite enjoyable, if unsurprising. In essence, it was a combination of all the types of sausage one could find in a supermarket of a small town, but nicely cut and arranged. Absolutely nothing on the plate tasted like “own production” (Schladminger Hütte does not produce anything, one can be sure of that), but the effort of mixing slices of different stuff in order to create variety was commendable.

Even though I cannot name a single ingredient that made we say „wow“ and ask for more, the Jausenplatte has left me with a generally positive impression. Styria is the home of much better Brettljasen, but if nothing else works, Schladminger Hütte is a viable option.




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