A Pepper-Powder Jause

Location:Löger Hütt’n
Address:Hutterer Böden 81, 4573 Hinterstoder
Status:Open (last checked on 15 July 2016)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Puntigamer)

I could never understand some Brettljause vendors’ obsession with red pepper powder. Normally applied to cheese, it does not add anything to its taste (or, more often, the lack thereof); it merely makes the cheese look less yellow.

For whatever reason, Löger decided to apply the powder to everything: the cheese (some half-tasty Dachsteiner sort), the Speck (dry, but good) and the Schweinsbraten (cut so thinly they turned into a messy grey ball of meat). The end result was that the Jause looked colorful but the best parts came from the non-peppered ingredients: a very fat Grammelschmalz with huge Grammel pieces and the Verhackertes, which looked like an overspiced Beef Tartare, but actually had a very pleasant lightly smoked taste.

Located on the top of a skiing mountain conveniently reachable with a cable car from Hinterstoder, Löger Hütt’n must be quite touristic, but had a really bad time today, with the rainy weather of the last few days scaring off all the tourists. On a warm sunny day, I could have probably given this Brettljause an additional point for a nice view, but today, despite the friendly (one may even say over-friendly) service, it could not get out of the average territory.

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