Carinthian Jause 1.5

Address:Langalmtal 5, 9545 Radenthein
Status:Open (last checked on 3 September 2016)
Eaten:Brettljause, four beers (probably Villacher)

If Brettljausen had relationships, this one would have been the yesterday’s elder brother. More mature, more sophisticated, but at the end of the day made out of the same stuff.

Like the one at Streitnighof, this Brettljause was heavy on Speck and dry Hauswurst. The Speck had more meat, but its fat was less edible, and there was unfortunately no cat or dog to help me this time. The sausage was much tastier though, especially after I had figured out that I could easily remove its skin.

The rubbery yellow cheese was back, and now I know its name: Glundner Käse, made by cooking cottage cheese and adding caraway to it. This time it had a bit of a cow taste, but quite pleasant overall. Some fresh cottage cheese was provided, too, and served as a sort of cheap and simple spread – nothing to complain about.

The Verhackertes was a bit better spiced (though just a bit), and the liver spread was just slightly less livery. The home-made salami was surprisingly good, like all the salamis I have tried in Carinthia so far. While not up to the best Italian standards, they are nevertheless much spicier and tastier than anything one can buy plastic-wrapped at a supermarket.

With some horseradish and cucumbers (and an egg, perhaps) in addition to the sparse pickles of an unknown origin, this Brettljause could have earned an additional point and moved to the top league. Even without that, Erlacherhaus has a superb location, being relatively easy to reach and at the same time surrounded by seriously beautiful mountains. Just watch the cable car’s schedule if you don’t fancy a three-and-a-half-hour exhausting hike back to Bad Kleinkirchheim.




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