Alone in a Cellar

Location:Plutzer Bräu
Address:Schrankgasse 2/Ecke Stiftgasse, 1070 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 21 June 2018), but the Brettljause is not anymore on the menu
Eaten:“Brettl-Jause mit Gebäck,” two ½ light beer, one ½ dark beer

I have a soft spot for Plutzer Bräu, having had a few late Martini geese there over the past years. Despite its location in the tourist-infested Spittelberg area, it’s a pleasant beer place, where one is as likely to find a group of young Austrians as a clueless tourist family.

Tonight it seemed that all the tourists and Austrians went elsewhere – to the mountains probably, considering that the next week is the traditional school holidays/skiing week in Austria. Or maybe Sundays is generally a bad day. Whatever the reason was, I ended up sitting completely alone in the huge cellar. I like it when it’s quiet, but this was just too weird and made me feel bad for the cook and the waiter who had to take care of my Brettljause instead of smoking, watching TV, or whatever cooks and waiters do when there are no customers.

The Brettljause looked much better than it tasted. The Schweinsbraten were a total disaster, having a very strange, I would even say unhealthy taste. The ham and the cheese were of the most standard flavorless sort, and the hard sausage, cut into small round slices, was just as boring. The only highlight was the Speck (possibly, from the hairy Mangaliza pig), which was fresh and perfectly salty and made me regret I took the Bretlljause instead of a simple Speck platter.

Add to this a totally insufficient serving of butter, the lack of mustard and horseradish, and the bread so stale that it made my teeth hurt, and you can understand why I am happy to cross out Plutzer Bräu from the list of the Brettljause places I plan to visit again.




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