A Poor Neighbor

Location:Gasthaus Radlherr
Address:Hainbuch 3, 3001 Mauerbach
Status:Open (last checked on 14 April 2018)
Eaten:"Bauernjause," two ½ Most

I can’t help feeling sorry for Gasthaus Radlherr, for it has no choice but to live in the shadow of its much more popular neighbor, the Waldschenke. It must be really depressing to watch all those Porsches and Ferraris pass by your garden and get parked 50 meters away. Why a place that serves grilled chicken has become so posh is another story, but the fact is, Radlherr is not particularly worse.

It looks much more like a farm (which it is), its garden lacks the Waldschenke’s finesse, and the service is not very efficient, but the Gasthaus is cozy, simple, very cheap and has a fairly good Brettljause.

It is easy to believe that the ingredients are locally produced: the Blunzen of Radlherr have  such a strange and unappetizing gray color that no supermarket would have had much success selling it. Yet, the taste was totally OK, which can also be said about the Speck, pork jelly, Extrawurst and Wiener. Only an asshole would pay less than 6 euros for a filling Brettljause including bread and complain afterwards.

This Bauernjause would have been an average dish (in a positive way), but one ingredient made me add an extra point to the score. The white spread with herbs and garlic was world-class. Actually, even if your final destination is the Waldschenke, stopping by Radlherr for a slice of bread with the garlic spread is not the most stupid idea.




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