Bread, Butter and All the Rest

Address:Au 78, 5441 Abtenau
Status:Open (last checked on 28 July 2018)
Eaten:"Wandalm Brettl Jause," small mixed salad, four beers (Kaiser)

On paper, Abtenau looked like a perfect weekend destination. Arrive on Friday after work, eat, sleep, spend the Saturday hiking and Brettljausing and travel back home early Sunday.

I know you are expecting the next sentence to start with a “but” or at least with a “however” (which would be more grammatically correct), but (and here comes the “but”), it won’t. The paper was right: if I am alive, I may very well come back to Abtenau in two or three years to visit a couple of interesting-looking places I missed this time, but once again, more likely than not, it’s going to be a weekend trip.

The Brettljause of Wandalm was the second Brettljause I experienced today, but considering the size of the earlier one, it was not hard to finish. If anything was hard, it was to eat the slices of Speck, which despite their thinness, refused to be chewed or even swallowed as a whole without having been cut into smaller pieces beforehand.

I did that happily though, because the Speck was by far the best ingredient of that unexceptional Brettljause. The cheese, the Extrawurst and the Bergsteiger-type sausage were extremely boring, and not even the abundance of high quality butter could save the situation.

Apparently, Wandalm is known for its fresh fish. Try it, or try some mushrooms (I saw some freshly picked chanterelles drying in the sun next to my table). Take a mixed salad or even only a beer. The Brettljause is simply not worth one’s attention.




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