Somewhere in Stammersdorf

Location:Haus Schmidt
Address:Stammersdorfer Strasse 105, 1210 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 29 September 2018)
Eaten:“Bretteljause,” ¼ Hauswein

In theory, the yearly Viennese “wine hiking day” is a good idea. Choose one of the three routes, reach the starting point with the public transportation, and spend the next four to five hours walking, stopping from time to time to enjoy a glass of wine at different locations. In practice, though, it is a day of drinking wine at different locations with a bit of walking in between. Considering that we are talking about the young sour wine (or even Sturm), the next morning’s headache is guaranteed. Or, as it happened in my case, the same evening’s headache.

Haus Schmidt was my final and unplanned wine destination, and it was by pure chance that I stumbled upon it, having taken a wrong route in search of a tram stop. I am not sure I would be able to find it again without looking at a map first. Schmidt is a “proper” Heuriger in the sense that it is open only a few days per month and not throughout the year, and it looked quite un-touristic even for the not-so-touristic place like Stammersdorf.

The Brettljause was special in just two aspects: first, it had some pumpkin spread instead of a usual Liptauer, and second, the meat slices on it were small in count and very thin, but huge in size. The Speck and the Schweinsbraten had much more pleasant taste (and, let’s face it, more taste in general) than the cheese and the Blutwurst, and although I can hardly recall the other details, I made sure I recorded the score right after finishing the dish, and 5 out of 10 while being hungry cannot mean that I especially enjoyed it.

One thing that is clear is that I left Schmidt still feeling hungry, because I recall ordering a hamburger and a large coke at McDonalds only half an hour later. After the equivalent of two bottles of sour wine, the coke tasted heavenly.

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