The Matter of Skin

Location:Neugarten Almseehütte
Address:Hundsdorf 4, 9543 Arriach
Status:Open (last checked on 21 September 2018)
Eaten:"Brettljaus’n," small mixed salad, ½ Stiegl, ½ Hirter 1270

The most peculiar thing about the Jause of Almseehütte was the amount of skin I had to remove. Almost everything (the cheese and the thinly-cut ham fortunately excluded) had some sort of a casing that had to be taken off. The Specks had a really thick crust; the liver sausage had something looking like cellophane; the skins of the Hauswurst and the hard-salted salami were dry like parchment scrolls; and the lightly smoked sausage had a traditional plastic-y supermarket casing, with a few letters still visible on it.

The second most peculiar thing was that the Specks and the Salami were unbelievably hard. My jaw muscles, despite being some of the strongest muscles in a human’s body, really struggled with the chewing, forcing me to cut the sausages into thin, better manageable slices. It was a very satisfying struggle, however, since everything tasked really good. When the menu says that all the ingredients come from the hut’s own farm, it is easy to believe.

Unless you have just come out of a dentist and worry about your new fillings / crowns / implants, Almseehütte is a totally recommended place. Just keep in mind that the mountain it is located on is covered with huts, and you may very well find something as good or even better just a few hundreds of meters away.




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