Where Cheese Is Made

Address:Untersulzbach 20, 5741 Sulzau
Status:Open (last checked on 7 August 2019)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Kaiser)

The region of Pinzgau is rich on valleys: some well-known and touristic, some, like Untersulzbachtal, only interesting to those who visit the area regularly and want to try everything. The valley is indeed quiet and not as beautiful as some others (though it quite surely gets nicer closer to the glacier – I have only hiked through a half of it), but the two farms located in its middle are just as authentic as a farm can get. It is impossible not to believe that these are really the places where the cheese and sausages are made by hand.

Don’t expect a sophisticated Jause, though. I cannot say anything about the second farm (Stockeralm), but the Brettljause of the Finkalm is extremely simple: just a big thick slice of cheese, plenty of thin Speck slices and a few light salami-kind of sausage. Oh, and a fantastic home-made butter.

Apart from the butter, the taste of the rest is unlikely to blow your mind. It’s good quality stuff, looking better mostly because it was done there. But that is not a small point. There is something very enjoyable at eating stuff at its origin and knowing (or at least hoping) that the money you pay will support this kind of an alpine farm. Besides, there are plenty of marmots down the hill, which are a good reason to pay Untersulzbachtal a visit in any case.

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