Uncomplicated Jause

Location:Weingut Wailand
Address:Kahlenberger Straße/Ecke Eisernenhandgasse, 1190 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 16 August 2020)
Eaten:Brettljause, Grammelschmalz spread, egg spread, 1/4 Gemischter Satz

Here’s a positive side effect of the coronavirus crisis: Heurige are now allowed to be open more or less whenever they want and not only a week or two a month. This is particularly good news for Wailand or for whoever wants to visit this small Heuriger on the slope of Kahlenberg, for it was notoriously difficult to find open. (OK, I didn’t try very hard either.) Also, as far as I remember, Wailand didn’t have a Brettljause on its menu before, and now it does. A global pandemic can do wonders.

This Heuriger is a simple self-service place, featuring some great views over Vienna but the inconvenience of having to walk and queue to get your next glass of wine. Ordering a bottle straight away is not a stupid strategy therefore, unless you don’t feel you can finish it.

Finishing the Brettljause is not going to be a problem, however, for it’s a rather small one and obviously prepared in advance. This is not a big deal, because the orders come more or less constantly, so “in advance” probably means a few minutes earlier. The meats and the cheeses are represented by two or three slices only, but they are tasty enough and the number of different pickles and vegetables on the plate (all in very small quantities) suggests that at least some thought and effort went into the preparation. Still, the Jause is almost too small, so if you are even slightly hungry, I recommend you supplement it with a spread or two at extra cost (this will make it too expensive, but at least you won’t starve).

If you end up spending your weekend in Vienna and are too lazy to come up with any other entertainment than to walk down the Kahlenberg, Wailand is a perfect uncomplicated place to stop by for a drink. The Brettljause won’t impress you, but the view over the city makes it worth it.




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