A Goose in the Woods

Address:Hauptstrasse 51, 2392 Sulz im Wienerwald
Status:Open (last checked on 27 November 2016), but with a different owner
Eaten:Martinigansl, Steirische Wurzelsuppe, Apfelgrammelschmaltz, cheese plate

It’s always a very good sign when each burp brings good memories. Postschänke is usually quite brilliant, and it did not disappoint today.

Actually the goose was the worst dish of the evening: slightly dry though not crunchy and very very small. I wonder if the financial crisis makes the portions smaller. Or is it the other way round? The excellent tasty Rotkraut saved the day, while the dry boring Knödel did not help at all.

What Postschänke excels in are the ambience and the quality of the other dishes. The Apfelgrammelschmaltz was absolutely fantastic, as was the Steirische Wurzelsuppe (don’t ask me what it was made of). The cheese plate in place of the dessert came with a basket of walnuts and incredible salty pumpkin seeds, which alone justified the visit.

Unusually, the menu also offered a boneless breast of a goose with ham and chestnut sauce. I have not tried it, but the idea sounds good. Unless, of course, that was the real reason behind the tiny portions: maybe they split the animal not in four but in more pieces?

Nevertheless, despite a few “under-performances” of past years Postschänke is firmly back on the list of places to look forward to, though not necessarily because of the goose.


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