The Fat One

Location:G’schamster Diener
Address:Stumpergasse 19, 1060 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 18 November 2015)
Eaten:Martinigansl, two beers

The third goose in two days, and I might be slowly becoming fed up with these noble birds. This particular one did not make a great first impression, thin bones visible though the cracked skin making it resemble a cadaver. The first bite of meat from the leg confirmed the suspicions – it was very dry. However, it turned out that the rest of the animal was literally swimming in fat. It was certainly not a dish for the health-conscious, and the fat dripping from every morsel was quite disturbing, but it would be unfair to criticize the taste.

The red cabbage, on the other hand, had a taste so standard as if it came straight out of the Iglo package (and probably it did). The potato dumplings had the texture of Gummibärchen. It was quite shocking to bite into them and find the potato resisting like rubber – totally inedible.




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