An Albino Goose

Location:Plutzer Bräu
Address:Schrankgasse 2, 1070 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 7 November 2018)
Eaten:Martinigansl, three beers (a Plutzer Helles, two Plutzer Dunkles)

A year ago, Plutzer impressed by being an oasis of quietness in the middle of a Christmas market and by serving an acceptable goose. This year there is no quietness to talk about: it’s Saturday and the restaurant is full of young Austrians drinking beer and eating anything but goose.

Which could be a mistake, because the goose remains quite acceptable. It scared at first by having a big part of its skin not dark brown or even light brown, but light gray. It was also accompanied by one of the most tasteless and dry potato dumpling in the world. This is where the bad part ended, however.

It is not a fresh goose by any means, but whatever secret method the cook has developed to prevent the goose from getting dry due to being constantly reheated, it continues to work. It’s a juicy bird, tasting a bit like duck, but with a good salty gravy and enough meat to keep one satiated. The warm cabbage salad with pieces of crunchy Speck (mostly Speck-fat) inside is, in my opinion, vastly preferable to badly cooked red cabbage.

To conclude, Plutzer remains a satisfactory, if unambitious, goose place, but mid-week or Sunday visits are recommended.




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