A Competent End-of-Season Goose

Location:Plutzer Bräu
Address:Schrankgasse 2, 1070 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 7 November 2018)
Eaten:Martinigansl, two beers (Plutzer Dunkles)

The goose season is almost over, but I continue visiting the acceptable goose places of yesteryear. Exactly one year after the last goose at Plutzer Bräu, it’s Sunday, the restaurant is only about 2/3 full, and the goose is better.

It was a wing this time (and everyone around me is getting wings, too, strangely enough. Must be some kind of a mutant goose), and it had more meat than two of my previously eaten geese taken together. The meat was quite good, too, not carrying the taste of a dead multiply heated bird, though a bit (well, thrice as much) juice/fat would have been welcome, as the meat tastes far less dry after being soaked in it. Also despite my repeated request to get a cabbage salad with Speck, I ended up with the standard red cabbage, which, while not disastrous, was slightly too vinegary for my liking. The dumpling, reassuringly, got slightly tastier compared to last year’s, though that was clearly not difficult.

With the Christmas markets opening at Spittelberg all around the Plutzer Bräu, the goose here remains a completely viable option, while the number of visitors remains manageable and getting an after-goose Punch at a nice location does not require standing in a long queue and searching for a stand. It is not the best goose altogether, but one hard to complain about.




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