A Grilled Goose

Address:Florian-Berndl-Gasse 20, 1220 Wien
Status:Closed for renovation until summer 2016
Eaten:Martinigansl, two and a half beers (Grieskirchner Dunkel), a mixed salad, some meat from a pork skewer, some grilled potatoes

Rule number one of goose eating: do not combine goose with any other meat. I have broken that rule and ended up being so full that I could hardly breathe for a couple of hours after the meal, could not think of any food for almost a day and could not force myself to write this review for more than a week.

Strandcafe is a grill place, specializing in spare ribs, skewers and the like. One would not expect a good goose at all, but against all odds, the one I ate was better than average. Possibly, the restaurant enjoys constant clientele, so it could afford making fresh geese on a daily basis without the fear of having them left uneaten.

My piece was a leg and a generous part of the breast, all together more meat than one would find on an average Viennese bird. Under the crispy skin, the meat was tender and juicy, although it turned drier as I was getting closer to the bone. It was also pleasantly salty, with the salt managing to get through the skin and into the meat rather than staying on the top.

The red cabbage, coming on a separate plate, was both abundant and tasty, sweet without being too sweet and just a bit less crunchy as I would have liked. The dumpling was, honestly, a tasteless disaster, but then the expectations were not high anyway.

As the first goose of the season, Strandcafe’s creation was surprisingly adequate and even recommendable if you are close by or simply tired of spare ribs.




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