Losing it Slightly

Address:Grinzingerstrasse 55, 1190 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 25 October 2018)
Eaten:Martinigansl, goose liver in a glass with toast, four beers (Zwickl and Bock), three shots of Marillenschnapps

Strange how one plans the whole year to visit new goose places, but when the time comes one goes to the old tried-and-tested locations. Probably the price of a failure is too high, much higher than with the dishes available throughout the year.

It is doubly disappointing as a result when your expectations are not met in the places that you had considered safe. To be honest, the goose at Figls was only slightly below the expectations, but somehow disappointing it was anyway. Under the sufficiently crispy skin was hiding a somewhat overcooked, or more likely “over-warmed-up” bird, with the meat detaching itself too easily from the bones, as if it had been boiled before. The impression the goose made was as if it had been cooked rather long in advance. It is also true, of course (and is true for 95% of other restaurants), but I would have expected Figls to make a bit more effort to cover that sad fact.

On the positive side, the red cabbage was quite good in a slightly sour way, and the goose liver was even excellent, tasting more like a goosy ice-cream rather than liver (which I hate). Of course, at 12 Euros for a small glass and two slices of toast it had better be good.

Well, I will not be surprised if I end up in Figls next November, too, but it can also happen that I will come for the goose liver only.




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