As the year draws to a close, and the chances of finding another Martinigansl are approaching zero, it is time to take stock and hand over awards.

2015 saw 9 portions of goose (that is 2¼ in full bird terms) consumed and duly reviewed, marking a whooping 80% increase over the year before (with one goose of 2014 not reviewed), but still below the record of 2011. The average overall score in 2015 was 5.1 out of 10, a slight increase compared to 2014.

The coveted “Good Goose of the Year” (GooGoo™) award for 2015 completely deservingly goes to Schiefer Giebel in Vienna’s 19th district. Over the past years, Schiefer Giebel has consistently been the home of the best Martinigansl around and would have quite certainly beaten up the competition in 2014, had I not forgotten to rate it. Keep up the good work, and try not to give loyal customers heart attacks as you almost did at our first visit this year.

At the other end of the spectrum, two contenders, Hofbräu zum Rathaus and Fromme Helene fought fiercely for the dreaded “Poor Goose of the Year” (PooGoo™) anti-award. At the end, Hofbräu zum Rathaus won (or should we say lost) by a single point, having screwed up not only the goose but the cabbage as well.

An honorable mention this year goes to Schönbrunner Stöckl, which surprised by a very competent offering. Please do something about the fat next time, and you may have a winner goose at your hands.

Finally, the disappointment of the year was the “goose from the counter” at Heuriger Christ, possibly because of unreasonably high expectations. Brandauers Schlossbräu would also do well to work on their geese, being once an above-average Martinigansl location but having seen steady deterioration over the years.


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