Pesto Bird

Location:Wambacher Restaurant
Address:Lainzer Strasse 123, 1130 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 26 October 2017)
Eaten:Gansl, a beer (Stiegl Goldbräu)

After the last marjoram surprise, I did not think anything could astonish me when it came to geese. Wambacher has nearly managed that by adding pesto to the goose. Just a little bit, mind you, probably as a way to decorate the lip of an otherwise very dull plate, but the hint of the taste was definitely there. Strange.

Otherwise, it was a very average bird: fully acceptable taste-wise and perfectly salted, yet made with no love whatsoever. It was obviously pre-cooked and warmed up (the microwave they have must be really efficient, as the goose arrived in just two minutes after the order) and its skin lacked any crispiness. The sauce was quite watery, but at least added some taste when I dipped the meat in it. The dumpling, on the other hand, was so bland that not even a liter of sauce could have saved it. The cabbage, while edible and occasionally crunchy, was quite uninteresting and probably started its life in a carton box on a supermarket’s shelf.

Honestly, on the 26th of October, which in addition to being the official holiday in Austria is also an unofficial start of the Martinigansl season, I expected a much fresher bird. Today must have indeed been the first day of goose at Wambacher, because the goose was listed neither in the menu nor on the blackboard outside the restaurant. Unless, of course, the cook did not want to advertise the availability of goose yet, as he was still working on improving his goose-cooking skills. Which I would fully understand.

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