The Pancake Goose

Address:Donaufelder Strasse 66, 1210 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 13 December 2020)
Eaten:“Ungarische Weidengans” (take-away)

The last time I visited the same restaurant, it was called Monsoon and served South Indian specialties. Since then it has changed its name to Donaufelderhof and now offers Austrian dishes, though possibly it is operated by Hungarians. At least the goose was Hungarian; even the menu said so. And I saw a cool bag from a Hungarian supermarket hanging from a wall hook.

Whatever it was, I must commend the cook for the presentation. For the very first time in my experience with takeaway geese, the content of the box resembled the way the goose would have been served on a plate: with slices of apple and orange included and nicely arranged, as well as a salad leaf, some onions and – for an unknown reason – a Palatschinke, that is a pancake. Perhaps it was a replacement for a bread dumpling, and I have to admit, it was a great alternative.

The cook was also very generous with the red cabbage. Mixed with chestnuts, it came in a cup filled to the rim and started to spill out the moment I tried to open it. Instead of learning the lesson, I carefully put the cup into the microwave, and, as you can guess, three minutes later ended up with a very hot cabbage and a very dirty oven.

Although aesthetically the goose was perfect, eating it was more troublesome than I would have liked. The meat was quite tough, which I don’t mind, but there was really not that much of it. I feel that I spent most of the time removing the bones and transferring them to another plate, and when I was finished, the pieces of meat left were pitifully small. It is as if the goose was 90% skeleton.

As a result, the whole point of having a ton of red cabbage, a big potato dumpling, a pancake and lots of cranberries became questionable. Most of them ended up in the garbage together with the bones at the end, despite the fact that they were all good. Better than the goose, in fact.




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