Chinese Ribs

Location:Zum Löwen von Aspern
Address:Wimpffengasse 45, 1220 Wien
Eaten:Spare ribs, Ganslbrettljause, two beers

It was supposed to be a goose, but the reservation was made too late, so the friendly waitress offered this instead. I don’t know where she pulled these ribs from, because they were not even on the menu, but I wish she did not.

Possibly the marinade used for these ribs was the same one Chinese restaurants use to make any meat taste, well, Chinese. The outside of the meat was sticky and not grilled enough, and the inside was unnaturally soft. The taste was neutral (read: not much taste at all), but the texture of the meat was totally wrong. The ribs came with two most standard sauces (cocktail and garlic) and under-baked potatoes.

A huge disappointment, especially since I like the restaurant and will certainly come back for other stuff.


Spare ribs


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