Last Month’s Ribs

Address:Judenplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
Status:Open (last checked on 20 November 2019)
Eaten:Mexican chili spare ribs, two beers (Villacher dunkel), mixed salad

When I ordered Mexican chilly ribs, I was expecting to find some hot chili sauce on the top of the ribs. What I could not expect was that the ribs would be produced in Mexico, deep frozen and shipped to Europe on the slowest ship possible.

No, the ribs did not take long to arrive at my table. In fact, they arrived within five minutes, which is a very bad sign when it comes to spare ribs. It’s just that the meat had the taste of something that remained frozen for very very very long time.

The meat was rough and overcooked on the outside (probably a result of being warmed up multiple times) and unnaturally tender inside (the effect of boiling and deep-freezing). The meat was too easily separable from the bones; one can literally shake it off the bones, though occasionally it remained attached to the bone by means of a thin black… something.

The chili topping was the best part of the dish, giving at least some taste to the old meat. It’s hard to believe that Bieradies also offers “classic” ribs without any topping. It must be an example of ultimate dullness! Apart from the chili, there was no marinade to talk about, and the sauces were the standard watery cocktail/garlic stuff.

After eating these spare ribs one almost understands why the guys leaving from the Jewish Museum across the square can’t stand pork.


Spare ribs


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