Carré Pomodoro

Address:Mannswörtherstrasse 45, 2320 Schwechat - Mannswörth
Status:Open (last checked on 28 July 2016)
Eaten:Spare ribs, two beers (Ottakringer), four ¼ Grüner Veltliner, an espresso

Generally speaking, there are two types of spare ribs: those whose meat is easy to detach from the bones, and those whose it is not. Personally, I prefer those who do not give up their meat without a fight, but there are plenty of people on the net who think that the “simple detachability” is an advantage rather than a sin.

The meat of Kaminstub’n’s spare ribs can be literally shaken off the bones, and no matter what other people think, I find it highly suspicious. Although having no knowledge of cooking, I assume that such a state of spare ribs can only be achieved by a long period of boiling, and frankly, if I wanted some boiled meat, I would have gone for a Tafelspitz.

The marinade is another story. The very first bite reminded me of the industrial sauce they add to spaghetti in all bad Viennese restaurants claiming to be “Italian.” Marinating spare ribs in that sauce is an ingenious idea, of course, but the result is far from great. The sauces were a complete disappointment, too, being of the “white and pink” kind, traditionally served with the spare ribs by the restaurants with no imagination.

The Kaminstub’n is a perfectly acceptable place if you end up in Vienna for three or four hours and prefer to stay as close to the airport as possible. It’s quiet, green, and provides an opportunity to have a short walk to the Danube if you have time and inclination. Its service is a bit on an unfriendly side, but the food and the drinks are cheap. Its spare ribs are completely forgettable though. Don’t even expect to enjoy them unless you are quite drunk.

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Kaminstub\'n 48.150931, 16.504450 visited on July 28, 2016Mannswörther Straße 45, Mannswörth 2320 Schwechat, Austria (Directions)

Spare ribs


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