The Grey Something

Location:Hotel Post
Address:Markt 39, 5441 Abtenau
Status:Open (last checked on 28 July 2018)
Eaten:Spare ribs (small portion), two beers (Kaiser)

In my short (and therefore not reliable) experience, Hotel Post is one of the better places to dine in Abtenau. It’s always quite full, which is generally a good sign, its waiters are friendly and funny, and its offering of dishes does not end with Wiener Schnitzel and Cordon Bleu.

In retrospective, were I a bit hungrier, a Cordon Bleu could have been a smarter choice, since the ribs were not what I call good.

Despite their smallish size (which I had intentionally asked for, having finished two Brettljausen on the same day), the spare ribs were impressively presented, accompanied by a baked potato with cream and a corn-on-a-cob. Unfortunately, only one sauce was present – some industrial BBQ type with a smoky flavor. Even more unfortunately, the spare ribs themselves tasted of almost nothing, some weird marinade hiding the taste of pig but not adding anything else. The meat was too fat, too grey and too hard to separate from the bones. Most of the time, my thoughts were how to finish the ribs quicker in order to switch to the more pleasant stuff like the beer.

I might like the restaurant, but its spare ribs are shit.


Spare ribs


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