No-tooth Ribs

Address:Mariahilfer Strasse 152, 1150 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 18 July 2019)
Eaten:"Normal-size spare ribs," two dark beers (König Ludwig)

Usually it is considered a compliment to food to say that it “melts in your mouth.” I am sure this is true for melons, cakes and even some types of fish filet. However, when the meat of spare ribs literally melts in my mouth, I find it highly suspicious. Something abnormal is at play here, and I suspect it involves a lot of pre-boiling.

Still, if you end up with no teeth at some point of your life, yet continue to crave for spare ribs from time to time, the ribs of the Mariahilferbräu can be the best thing since pre-chewed bread. If you are fortunate enough to have some teeth left, however, you are less lucky, for the meat has tiny pieces of bone and cartilage inside. It is hard to say where they came from, possibly careless cutting is to blame, but the fact is, if you do have teeth, there is a chance you will lose parts of them as a result of biting into small hard bits.

The weird tenderness aside, the spare ribs were not too bad. A trace of marinade could be sensed, and as some other dishes of repetitive nature, the taste of the meat seemed to improve with time. Unfortunately, the garlic and cocktail sauces were of the most boring industrial type, and the baked potatoes were as bland and they were numerous.

Also on a negative side, this year the restaurant has decided for some reason to replace most of the tables outside with very narrow bar-like ones. As a result, not only is it problematic for two persons to eat while facing each other, but also when eating alone, one feels like in a fast-food eatery, which the Mariahilferbräu definitely is not.

For toothless or very lazy ribs-lovers only.


Spare ribs


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