Top Heuriger Top Heuriger
The very best Heurige in Lower Austria. Quite a few of them serve Brettljausen à la carte and also offer other dishes.
Heute Ausgsteckt Heute Ausgsteckt
A very comprehensive list of open Heurige in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria.
Ausgsteckt ist Ausgsteckt ist
A list of open Heurige in Vienna and Lower Austria, grouped by location.
Heurigenkalender Heurigenkalender
A list of open Heurige in Vienna and parts of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria.
Heurigenkalender Niederösterreich Heurigenkalender Niederösterreich
A rather poor list of open Heurige in Lower Austria.
A list of open Heurige for, in theory, the entire Austria. In practice, it’s mostly for Lower Austria and Burgenland.
Mostbaron Mostbaron
The top Mostheurige in Mostviertel, Lower Austria. Try them for some of the best Brettljausen around.
Mostheurigen-Kalender Mostheurigen-Kalender
A list of Most-serving Heurige in Lower Austria, including a very useful map.
Gerald Stutz's Homepage Gerald Stutz’s Homepage
A very impressive and ever-growing list of Brettljausen collected by Mr. Stutz, with addresses, photos and price details.
Falstaff Falstaff
The list of best Heurige in Austria, updated annually.
A very comprehensive site for searching Heurige in Styria, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Burgenland and even Slovenia.
Kellergassenfeste Kellergassenfeste
A calendar of cellar street festivals in Lower Austria. These are a great opportunity to try local wines and enjoy really good Brettljausen.
Jausentest Jausentest
A site with the noble goal of helping one find the best Jause-place around. Not clear if it is still maintained, however.