A Twice-a-year Jause

Location:Mostheuriger Waldstranz
Address:Sonnleiten 6, 2640 Raach am Hochgebirge
Eaten:"Schneebergland"-Brettljause, Hauswürstel, salty cucumbers, 4 glasses of Most

Be warned: if you decide to visit this Heuriger, check their website first. They are open only twice a year, for less than two weeks in total. Which is a pity, because the Brettljause is actually very good.

Waldstranz is not a restaurant as such, but a farm, which becomes evident when you pass a large number of cows when approaching. Strangely, there were no pigs in sight, because the Schneebergland-Brettljause (they also have another one, which I would love to try one day) is heavy on pork. Well, maybe that’s exactly the reason why there were no pigs in sight.

The meats looked very similar but turned out to be different upon closer inspection. I counted two types of Speck and three sorts of ham, with three slices of cheese more as decoration than food (it was tasteless, as expected). The horseradish was in abundance, but there was no spread or mustard of any kind. Not that this was a big deal, because the spreads were available separately on the menu. I also witnessed thick slices of bacon and Kümmelbraten delivered to the tables nearby, so the Brettljause I took was anything but all-inclusive.

The meats were of excellent quality and distinctly non-industrial. The bread was fresh (bizarrely, the waitress offered to wrap the piece I did not finish in aluminum foil for me to take home), and the Most, while not special, was very welcome on that hot day (and quite strong, too). It’s not a beautiful location (though not at all an ugly one), but the authenticity of the food combined with unbelievably low prices make Waldstranz a place worth another visit.

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