A Wine Farm

Location:Weinbauernhof Puff
Address:Kapfenstein 28, A-8353 Kapfenstein
Status:Open (last checked on 18 May 2024)
Eaten:Brettljause, ½l mineral water, two ¼l Weisburgunder

Search for wine taverns in southeastern Styria and you will find so many Buschenschänke and Weingüte that it quickly becomes clear that visiting each of them even once is an impossible undertaking. Puff, however, stands out by being listed as a Weinbauernhof, literally a wine farm. And truly, it looks like a farm with a few tables outside. While drinking wine, you can observe sheep grazing behind a fence, a couple of really big rabbits and a horse or two. Apparently there is even a llama there. The Brettljause was, thankfully, completely pork-based, containing Schweinsbraten, Speck, Geselchtes, salami, a couple of slices of ham as well as Brattlfett and Verhacktes spreads.

I started with the Bratlfett, knowing from the past experience that it has the strongest flavor and got immediately disappointed, for it hardly had any. Spreading it over bread (which was very fresh, by the way) did not make any difference taste-wise from the bread itself. Fortunately, the Verhacktes was the exact opposite – quite salty and with a strong flavor of Speck, which came back to me in a burp many hours later. I enjoyed all the other meats, though I found the ham too salty and the salami too full of pepper. I would have liked the Speck a lot, but sadly, it came with an unchewable skin, which I hadn’t noticed until it was too late.

These were small and unimportant deficiencies, however. While Puff served me a very decent Brettljause – and I wouldn’t have expected anything less in this region – what I liked most was the relaxing “farm feeling” that the young couple that manages the place had succeeded in creating. And if you want to know more about the animals living here, the owners’ highly sociable boy, Sebastian, will be extremely happy to brief you.

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