Pork and Literature

Location:posch. Wein gut zum Lesen
Address:Hollerberg 64 - 8212 Pischelsdorf
Status:Open (last checked on 15 June 2024)
Eaten:Brettljause, two ¼ Sauvignon Blanc, a bottle of mineral water

I usually read while drinking wine. The best time for reading is between ordering and receiving the Brettljause, which is usually not a very long time, enough to finish one relatively short chapter. Reading while eating is more complicated because of the need to constantly switch attention between a page and a Schweinsbraten. Reading after eating, while possible, greatly depends on the amount of consumed wine. Too many times I had enjoyed nice reading sessions only to have to re-read entire chapters later on as my memory got wiped out by alcohol.

Posch has obviously decided to build up on the link between reading and drinking by positioning itself as a “Reader’s Buschenschank.” There are some books you can borrow from its home library, and it also organizes book presentations, whereby authors read their creations, while all around them pretend to listen while getting pissed.

I must say, it’s a damn good idea. Posch is also a perfect place to realize it, having a spacious terrace with a very nice panorama of Styria. Supporting that is a super-efficient and friendly service, ensuring that you will never be left with an empty glass.

For an “alternative” and artistic tavern like Posch, its Brettljause is disappointingly standard. All the meats are OK but unexciting, and the cheese is plain boring. The only ingredients I want to highlight are the Hauswurst (featured by just two small slices, unfortunately) and the liver spread. Yes, you’ve read it right – for the first time in the known history I must admit that the liver spread was special. It did not taste of liver at all and was identifiable mostly by its color. More importantly, it was spicy, leaving a pleasant burning sensation on my tongue after every bite.

Looking at Posch’s menu online, I have a feeling that ordering the Brettljause was exactly the worst choice. A cheese platter or the fancy “truffle Jause” could have provided a more special experience. Or, in retrospective, I could have simply ordered the fantastic Hauswurst. I liked the literature idea, I liked the service and the view, but the cold cuts have left me cold.

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