For Hungry People Only

Location:Zum Rabennest
Address:Hauptstrasse 108, 1140 Wien
Status:Open (last checked on 23 October 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, two beers (Ottakringer), a 1/8 of white wine

If you decide to visit Zum Rabennest, please don’t make the same mistake as me and come hungry. The Brettljause, as correctly stated on their website, is really big, featuring two Heuriger-type spreads, 5-6 slices of Blutwurst, cherry tomatoes (very welcome), egg, mustard, horseradish, salty cucumber and a pile of sausage. And it’s a highly impressive pile indeed.

None of the sausages are especially great, to tell the truth, apart from the Speck, which resembles what one gets in the mountains more than what is served in most of the other restaurants in Vienna. Where Rabennest wins big is in the location and the friendliness of service. The restaurant is obviously part of the owners’ big house and is super-clean, quiet (a few playing children notwithstanding) and generally pleasant to spend time in. The restaurant specializes in housing events with steaks, spare ribs, etc., and I can easily believe that they do it well. As for the Brettljause… try it if you are hungry.

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