Eating with Marmots

Location:Bachlalm, Fam. Steiner
Address:Tiefenbach 191, 5532 Filzmoos
Status:Open (last checked on 15 July 2015)
Eaten:Brettljause, mixed salad, two beers (Stiegl)

No, you are not sharing your plate with marmots, unless you want to, and even that would be difficult. Nor, fortunately, is there any marmot meat served. But there are marmots nearby, and since that cannot be said about any other Brettljause place I have visited so far, I feel I ought to mention it here. So here you go: there are lots of fat hairy hungry marmots less than 500 meters from the Bachlalm hut. Take a carrot with you if you dare. (Warning: it is pretty pointless to look for them at any time except May to beginning of September.)

The makers of this Brettljause have learned an important lesson: to improve your creation, cut thickly. It really makes a difference: the Schweinsbraten especially were incomparably better to the sad thin slices one gets elsewhere. The ham tasted fatter and juicier, the Wiener-type salty sausage less industrial, the cheese, while remaining tasteless, was nevertheless better than the other tasteless cheeses I had experienced before. However, I must admit that even the Speck, having been cut thinly, turned out to be very good.

Of course, at a place like this one expects something special and authentic, and Bachlalm does not disappoint. On a slightly negative note, the “Wiener” could have been industrial after all, and the green spread with pumpkin taste (we are in Styria, so there must be some pumpkin) was a bit plain. The “decoration” part was not great either, with a salty cucumber, some tomatoes, horseradish, radish and a Pfefferoni (looking somehow very out of place). There is also something unpleasant in having to stare at the numerous hunting trophies, including a huge deer head and a bear, so unless it rains, sitting outside would be a better choice. Though who cares about such details when there are marmots nearby?

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