Styria Next Door

Location:Almgasthof Moassa
Address:Kohlbachgraben 16, 8691 Kapellen
Status:Open (last checked on 15 May 2015)
Eaten:“Steirische Brettljausen”, small salad, three beers (Murauer)

If you want a better Brettljause, go to Styria. Here is an unwritten rule (until I wrote it down here, that is) that generally holds, and Moassa is no exception. The good thing is, being less than 5 km away from the Lower Austria’s border, it is as close a Styria as one can possibly get.

Warning #1, for some unknown reason the Brettljause is only available from 14:00 (like in Geisleralm in South Tirol), so it makes more sense to go there from the Mürzzuschlag/Kapellen side rather than from the bus stop at Preiner Gscheid, despite a longer walk. Warning #2, the walk from Moassa to Preiner Gscheid is pretty painful, with an annoying climb for the first three quarters of an hour or so. So be prepared.

Fortunately, the Brettljause does not disappoint. Everything is thickly cut, apart from one type of Speck (the best stuff) and the cheese (the most tasteless ingredient). The liver pâté does not have a strong taste and thus is quite edible; the blood sausage is also not disgusting. The rest – a Wiener-type sausage, ham and two more types of Speck are distinctly above average.

The lack of mustard was almost compensated by a small salad with sunflower seed oil (it’s Styria, after all), and the abundance of horseradish and bread was highly welcome. Two small touches – some mint leaves and tiny yet very strong chilies set this Brettljause apart from the competition. And, of course, complimentary Schnapps is always a good addition.

Location-wise there is nothing to complain about: a great view and a super-nice service all contribute to authenticity. It’s a pain to get there (and back), but Moassa sits firmly on my recommended list.




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